Model United Nations

Our Model United Nations students fly off to Quatar to attend the conference.
Delegation of Oman:
1-Mohamed Elmuntasir: 4th committee special political and decolonization 
2- Rana Mubarak: 1st committee Disarmament and international security 
3- Amal Mohamed: Environmental commission 
4- Mustafa Gaffar: Human Rights Sub Commission 1
Delegation of Tanzania:
1- Faris Ahmed: 2nd Committee Economic and Financial 
2- Abdulqadeer Qureshi: 3rd Committee Social Humanitarian cultural 
3- Aya Shihab: Economic and Social Council 
4- Amna Ali Environment Commission  5- Azza Dahia: Human Rights Council Sub Commission 1


Students do their final preparation for their upcoming exams. We wish them everything of the best.


External checkpoint exams for year 6 and 9 begin Tuesday 11.04.2023