PCS Extra-Curricular Activities


Model United Nations

MUN events are simulations of united nations negotiations where students participate and represent the viewpoint of a particular country or organization within the context of the united nations. Discussions and debates are diverse and range from international terrorism to overpopulation. 

The benefits:  builds public speaking skill on sometimes complicated and difficult issues requiring analysis, improves engagement skills with other students, allows you to meet people with similar interests and build networks/communities, and overall improves your worldview.”

PCS Community Service

Under the theme “Green school”, the community service team endeavors to encourage students to plant inside and outside school. For our mission “earth rescue”. 

Charity and community engagement: Students were sponsored to collect money for the Mygoma Orphanage in Khartoum and the next stop is at an Old Peoples home in Omdurman. 

Leadership in pastoring: secondary students are paired up with pre-school and primary children to read to them and guide them.

The Community service project is at its start and we have many exciting plans in the making. Watch this space...

Community Service Group



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