Secondary Staff


Head of secondary

Barig Abdalla Elhag Hassan
Biology and chemistry teacher
More than 15 years experience in IGCSE
I graduated from the Khartoum University faculty of medical laboratory sciences,  with a B.Sc.
When dealing with students I believe in learning and modify my teaching approach to ensure that understanding occurs with visible results
Math teacher

 I am a dedicated Mathematics teacher with 18+ years of teaching experience in both London, UK and Sudan.I have been the Head of the Mathematics department and I also participated in the development of e-learning materials for courses accredited by the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA examination board at Westminster.I graduated from the Sudan University for Science and Technology with a Bachelor's of Education, and then furthered my education by pursuing my postgraduate studies at South Bank University, London.I received training on Cambridge IGCSE Maths teaching, from the University of Oxford and further training in teaching the British educational system, in bilingual classrooms from Westminster Education Services.I have also trained in Special Educational Needs and Child Protection through the British Council.

Hibatalla Hatim Hussein 
Head of Secondary Arabic language department

I have had a total of twelve years experience in both Arabic and Islamiyat subjects, starting as assistant 2008 and now holding a teachers position. My academic qualifications include a Bachelors degree in English and I am a registered IGCSE Arabic teacher. To improve by approach to teaching and learning I successfully completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. 
As part of my skill set I have focused on teaching Arabic as a foreign language besides Arabic first language always striving to explore more productive approaches to learning, filling in gaps where limited understanding occurs in students. Special needs candidates are close to my heart and I have developed better approaches to meet their challenges.
Being a mother of 3, I understand the difficulties of being a teacher and a parent, but I believe I am finding the right balance to undertake both successfully.
Fadwa Saad 
 English Teacher

 I have taught in international schools since 2001 to the present. English at KS3, Geography at KS3, Environmental Management to IGCSE level and P.E. are my areas of experience.As a MUN Director I was lucky enough to participated during the THIMUN Conference In Qatar. My Education background:

Middle school in the UK.

High school in Bahrain.

I studied a BSc Graphic Design degree at the University of Sudan. I followed this with a Post graduate Diploma in General Translation  from Juba University .

I also completed a Master degree in General Translation again from Sudan University .  I further completed a Teaching Methodology course in the UK.

Charitable involvement and experience:

School principal in a high school for girls.(charity school)

Collaborated with UNICIEF in preparation for local English audio curriculum.

Year Head teacher in a local high school.

Head of an English Department.

Teachers representative in a school PTA.

Geraldine Galman  Bautista,
 Head of science department

with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, a Licensed Professional Teacher. I Obtained units in Post Graduate degree Master of Arts in Education in 
Psychology Major in Guidance and Counseling, Certificate in Special Educational Needs courses, and Certificate in Engaging with professional development courses.  I have been teaching for almost 30 years both local and international. My experience gave me the confidence to teach both American and British curriculum. Currently, I am the Head of Science department and teaching year 7 and 8 Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
I joined PCS in 2018 as Science teacher.  I am a passionate teacher, keen to spread positivity and genuinely enjoy teaching and engaging with student. I love creating a positive learning environment that will lead to effective learning and help develop a well-rounded individual.

Weedad Medani
Economics and business studies teacher  

I’m a University and IGCSE teacher with over ten years experience in humanities and social science subjects.

Master of Business Administration (Project Management) - Ahfad University for Women.
Master of Microfinance and Development - Ahfad University for Women.
Banking Studies Diploma -Banking Institute.
B.S.C. (Honors) Economics and Political Science – University of Khartoum.
I believe that I am a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student. I have acquired several teaching methodologies which aim to enhance the students participation in class to improve their learning. There is a need to encouraged and motivate students at their level to aid their educational growth.

I aim to be an accommodating and versatile individual with a talent to develop and capture student’s imagination and thus breed success.

Working for Universities boosted my career, it was full of opportunities and resources which I took full advantage of.

Mina George Milad,
Secondary Physics Teacher

I'm very proud to be a staff member of purple crayon international school . I started my teaching career when i was in the first year in the university of medical science and technology. I was the dux of my batch for 5 consecutive years scoring a gpa ( grade point average) of 5 out of 5. I got inspired in this field when i was in the early stages of school whereby i used to gather my colleges and start to teach them topics that were a bit hard for them to understand. This my fifth year of teaching in international schools and i wish its not the last. This is my first year in purple crayon, its such an amazing community to teach whereby we all feel like its our second home. I wish to be there for all of my life time.

Randa Mohamed Elbakri ,  Secondary Humanities Teacher

Bachelor degree in English language department/ Faculty of Arts
High Diploma in TEFL ( Teaching English as a foreign language) University of Khartoum.
Certified Professional Trainer ( Better Life Center)
Model United Nation Director certification Doha / Qatar
Certificate in teaching teaching children with learning disabilities (Unity High School)
Several certificates in teaching strategies/ lesson plans/ Classroom management (British Council Sudan)
Certificate in Translation (Suna Sudan)
Mini MBA certification.
Interested in teaching History/ English Literature/ Environmental Management, Preparing students for attending and participating in MUN conferences. Organizing events and trips.

Alia Al Robi
 ICT  secondary teacher

Computer Science, Math and Technology are my passions. The feeling of solving a problem is unprecedented. I love to teach students about these different subjects in an interactive fun manner. My motto is Einstein saying “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler!”
I have over 24 years of teaching experience in both Universities and Schools. My Academic track is Managerial, Teaching and Research. I am an experience course-ware developer who has been developing course-ware and contributing to syllabi at both the college and school levels. Over 90% of my IGCSE students have graded from A* to B.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic I worked as a consultant to establish an online teaching centre where I supervised over 10 teachers and helped to establish online programs.  I was born in Khartoum, Sudan. My Secondary and College education was in Cairo, Egypt and then I came back to Sudan where I did my higher studies. I was raised by two incredible parents who developed my character to have a love of knowledge. The love of reading, Opera, classical music, museums, historical sites and last but least Faurioz comes from their influence.