Ours is a friendly, Cambridge Certified, welcoming and caring school. We believe that children can achieve more when they feel happy, secure and valued.

Our philosophy is to educate the whole student, while they enjoy the teaching and learning process. The schools expectation of students is high, academically, using creative thought and social abilities.

Our focus is always on teaching but of greater importance is learning, gaining knowledge but being able to apply it to the 21st Century. Team collaboration and Community Service are enshrined in our ethos.

All teaching staff, on entering the school, begin a journey of life long learning as we endeavour through professional development to be the best of the best.

The concept of Head, Heart and Hand is dear to us where head represents academics and problem solving skills while heart reflects a caring nature towards religion, learning, friends and community. Hand is the application of this acquired knowledge.

On moving through our Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary school we believe our students will have an impact in the new world they will enter.

Dr Amal El Tigani Ali, Board of Trustees

My career has been academic, having held teaching and leadership roles at international universities after completing a Bachelors degree, a Masters degree, culminating in a Doctorate from The George Washington University, Washington DC, in a broad spectrum of business management, finance and investment. I have written a vast number of academic peer-reviewed papers and attended many conferences.

But deep in my heart, I held a dream to improve the level of teaching and learning in Khartoum and to provide 21st Century skills and education in an affordable manner to a cohort of Sudanese and expatriate children, who could grow into competent adults and provide leadership in various disciplines with Sudan’s and the world’s future in mind.

I have become the face of the Board of Trustees supporting day to day activities of the school to provide encouragement and develop an understanding of the needs of The Purple Crayon School including the affiliated Premier Community Secondary School which will soon offer IGCSE and probably A levels in time. It has been a marvel to be instrumental and watching a little school with a fascinating name, grow into a centre of excellence, which is fully recognized for what it has become.

The future of the school excites me, watching PCS accumulate a family of professional educators and a set of parents who feel they belong. Our tomorrows look very promising.

Hendrik Jan Sluis Cremer - Director

I began my teaching career after graduating with a B. Ed degree in 1973. While teaching I undertook further studies completing a B. Sc honours, and an MSc. in Science subjects.  After a number of years, I went on to complete a PhD, again in Science.
I found academic science far from fulfilling. Teaching,however, provided a career purpose which gave me an opportunity to work all around South Africa and in many overseas locations, where I held positions from homeroom teacher to superintendent.
Through this I was able to work with world leaders in education and I absorbed much of what they believed in. This experience helped me in deriving my own approaches to teaching and learning.
Coming to Khartoum, The Purple Crayon School, was definitely the most exciting period of my lengthy career. I watched the school grow and trained staff to truly understand what teaching and learning was about and how it impacted on the students. I feel privileged to be able to spend the last years of my career at this wonderful institution, knowing that it is one of the best schools in Khartoum and will most likely become the premier school in Sudan.  

Karen Sluis Cremer - Head of Curriculum for Primary and Preschool

Helping teachers create stimulating lessons so that students love learning is my main passion.
I joined the PCS family in 2017 as a year 3 teacher, grew into the position of Vice Principal and am currently employed as Curriculum Head of Pre-School and Primary.
What keeps me at this school is the Board of Trustees’honest belief in real education, the ethos of the school with its head, heart and hand philosophy and the genuine desire to develop teachers’ skills that enable them to support their students’ learning.
My happiest teaching years have been at PCS.

I have an eclectic experience of teaching in pre-schools and primary schools in South Africa and internationally. The highlight of my personal learning journey was working as an Educational Advisor for the Abu Dhabi Educational Council and later as a Teachers' Coach for the Vanderbuilt University in Abu Dhabi. There, I was exposed to the best teaching methods and through data tracking learnt how best to support teachers teaching and students learning..



Yasmin Sinada - Principal

MSc Information Systems.

BA Mathematics and Management. TEFL.  Senior Business Consultant,

Secondary ICT and Maths teacher.

Arabic, English, Czech, and German speaker.

I spent my life studying and working in England and Germany but my love for Sudan and children brought me back.   I came home to give back what I picked up on my journeys.  My position as Principal at the school  is a blessing. It has  given me the opportunity to make a difference in children’s, parents and teachers’ lives.  My aim is not solely for the students’ academic achievements but in broadening their horizons, to support and encourage a positive outlook on life, and primarily in building of good character.

Sarah Badraldin  Hassan Abdalrahman - Administration Manager

My tertiary education was from the University of Medical Sciences & Technology in Business Administration. I also completed studies in Management Information Studies (MIS) and Conflict Management.My role in the school falls into the Administration of day-to-day management and personnel matters, which includes all staffing and financial matters, separating the burden of money matters from education. My work background has been in the business sector, but in joining the Purple Crayon School, new doors were opened and my love of the interactive excitement of a well-run school took my imagination. My gentle but firm personality lends itself to the ever-changing role I play at school. I feel as if I have come home.

Sally Alrasheed

I graduated from AL Ahfad University, school of Management. 

I joined PCS family in 2014 as a Teaching Assistant and in 2020 changed my designation  and joined the Administration staff as an Administration manager assistant.

I see my role as the caring link between pupils, staff and parents while making sure records and what many would see as minor details are accessible. My designation plays a significant role in the smooth functioning of the school. 

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