Mission And Vision Statement

Mission Statement (Why do we exist?)

The mission of The Purple Crayon Infant and Primary School is to create a peaceful environment within which each child’s potential: intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally is nurtured in order to establish high expectations for academic success and personal growth for all children.

Vision Statement (What do we want to become to accomplish our purpose? )

Our vision is to provide excellent educational opportunities based on internationally recognized curricula and relevant to all children from diverse backgrounds and cultures to reach their highest potential.

Philosophy (How will we behave to create the school that will achieve our mission and vision?)

We strive to achieve our mission and vision using approaches based on our philosophy. We believe in:
  • effectively involving parents in their children’s learning experience.
  • creating and implementing an international curricula that focuses on best practice and research-based strategies.
  • implementing a sound and strong Arabic Language curriculum for Arabic native speaking children and a Special Arabic Programme for non-native speaking children.
  • retaining and recruiting qualified and certified teachers who believe in the school’s mission and vision.
  • developing a round character of the learner and who is equipped with necessary life skills to face the challenges of our time.
  • developing an inquiry and knowledgeable minds from early childhood.
  • instilling the value of globally caring young people with respect to cultural diversity represented in the school community, local society and the global community at large.
  • developing our present educational system by integrating technology into education.
  • nurturing gifted and talented students as well as meeting the needs of special education learners.
  • providing a healthy, safe, indiscriminative and danger free educational environment.
  • professionally developing a teaching and administration cadre who is able to reflect, self-assess and self-direct for educational quality assurance.
  • succeeding collectively as well as individually and achieve our personal best in all aspects of school life.