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Dear Parents

It is with great pleasure; I greet you all from The Purple Crayon School at which we are presently working towards making a center of excellence.

As an educator and academic for more than forty years I found teaching to be totally satisfying and the activity I wished to immerse my life in. I started my career as a teacher, leading to principalship and finally a superintendent of education. It’s been my privilege to have worked with many leaders from every mainstream department of education in the world and have thus been exposed to their ideas and approaches to teaching and learning.

My beliefs are that educators are here for the children and that the children are not here because a school houses a group of teachers. Learning, must be fun, structured, within secure rules and scaffolding. It must be exploratory where children are busy doing, processing and applying as they journey through learning.

Within the school the teachers will be exposed to the most recent concepts of learning through extensive professional development and encouraged to reach out to the multitude of centers of learning found online. We have chosen the Cambridge Curriculum because it is well grounded in sound teaching and learning and supported by the British Council.

As a school we believe you are very significant in your children’s learning process and plan to meet with you fairly often explaining why we do certain things and how we believe you can best support your child. Homework obviously springs to mind so we need to share our expectations with you.

I believe in an open door policy and welcome you to visit with me to voice your concerns or merely to chat about education. I view the upcoming academic year with great expectation and plan to be part of your child reaching their full potential.

Warm Regards

Hendrik Jan
School Principal

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