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We are happy to announce our new set of Teaching staff who have joined us for the academic year 2017-2018.

Welcome our new team:
Mrs Nuha Alkher
Mrs Karen Schrauwen Cremer
Ms Jenny Fe P. Arnaiz
Mrs Ethel Khing
Ms Jasmin Delos Reyes
Mrs Marwa Ahmed
Mrs Jennifer McLellan
Ms Shahad Izzilden
Ms Hind Saeed
Ms Rania Bakheit
Ms Najla Fath El Rahman
Ms Raya Kayali Abdulhai
Sheikha Hoyam
Ms Miriam Noschi Fakhri
Ms Amal Abuelela
Mrs Tala Samawi
Mr El Safi Mahdi
Ms Maha Malak

Wishing them a happy and successful year !

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